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Magnetic Suspension Balance Light

Magnetic Suspension Balance Light

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1. Create unlimited possibilities

Ingenious switch design,  2 hand-polished small wooden balls, hidden magnetic absorption to open the light, when the balance is reached, the red string pulls the bottom to open the light to start the light source

2. Artwork born for originality.

Original design style, simple and fresh, triggered by inspiration, with simple lines to outline

The shape of the lamp body is arranged symmetrically, showing neatness, generosity and beauty

3. Only for the sake of you

Even illumination is not tiresome, and a desk lamp with a wide range of uniform illumination can reduce visual fatigue


Watts: 5 watts

Power supply: USB power supply

Material: Beech + Aluminum + Silicone

Process: sanding/polishing/painting

Switch: Magnetic switch/button switch

Packaging: Kraft paper neutral packaging

Application: bedroom/study and other places

Size Information:

Package Content:
1 x ring 

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